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Legal Management Consulting

Legal Management Consulting

Legal function in a company may be provided in many forms. The most evident distinction is between in house vs. external. For wrong reasons a decision whether to employ a lawyer or have external engaged is done based on financial/cost considerations only. But there is much more to legal function than just being a “cost -unit”.

Legal function within your organization may be viewed as: trusted counsel, business partner, risk and reputation guardian, deal executor, first-line response to routine questions or self-serve enabler and ultimate responder.

In-house legal functions are under big pressures, both internal and external, to demonstrate value, manage risk, contain costs, embrace new technology and operate globally.

Companies need their legal teams to keep pace and understand the commercial needs of the business—while at the same time, legal departments are increasingly being asked to do more with the same or fewer resources. Today’s legal departments face various challenges: a heightened regulatory environment, globalisation of business and acceleration of technology advancements, heightened public scrutiny, and business models which are adapting to digital opportunities, contract management efficiences. This is resulting in increased complexity and demand from the business which may create an unsustainable workload for existing in-house legal departments.

We have created and managed in -house legal teams. We can help you to rethink their operating model, achieve greater efficiencies and increase the value they deliver back to the business.